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I have been licensed as an Auctioneer for over 18 years. After 25 years in electronics, with over 12 of those years as a corporate instructor & technical support, it was a mid-life career change and I feel it was one of the best decisions I’ve made. It’s hard work, but it’s also a fun job. Of course, it also gives me that opportunity to be the part-time comedian and still allows that “teacher” part of me that wants to learn and impart all that “stuff” to others that want to know about “grandma’s whatchamacallit”. Well, I don’t always know what it is either, but that’s part of the experience… to learn new things, the history behind each piece, not to mention the different people in this world. Now, that’s what really amazes me… the people… and their perceptions and expectations, some reasonable and some not-so-reasonable. So this is what led me to start this blog… the rest will become apparent with a little time. So, stick around for some serious stuff and a little tongue in cheek humor from time to time.

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The intent of this blog is to help others understand the laws that govern auctions and the standards of ethics that must also be held by those in this profession. I decided to use this as a way to dispel myths, misunderstandings and other false perceptions that plague the auction profession.

Auction Law may be a little beyond my actual scope, as I’m not a lawyer, so nothing on this site is intended to be legal advice, but is for informational purposes only (That’s my disclaimer and I’m sticking to it). However, I am an auctioneer. One thing many people don’t understand is the vast range of laws that auctioneers must keep up with and abide by, so as an auctioneer, I do have a pretty fair knowledge of many laws. Your questions are definitely welcome and I’ll do my best to give accurate and honest answers. But remember, it is only my opinion or understanding of the law and is not considered legal advice. If you need legal advice, consult an attorney in your state.

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  1. Auction Law says:

    I’ve seen the type of online “auction” you are referring to and I see these as a scam, not to mention it appears to be a form of gambling. I suspect that the FTC and/or FBI will eventually attempt to shut down such sites, due to gambling laws. Anytime, one pays to take a chance of being the “winner” is considered gambling, since there will be many others that paid for the chance and lost their money.

    When you figure up how much is actually being received by the operators, by those who paid to bid, in addition to the one who won, it’s not hard to realize who the REAL winner is, at the end of the “auction”. The operators are the ones that are actually receiving the “winnings”.

    Stick to real LIVE auctions and you’ll only pay for items, in which you are the winning high bid.

  2. Auction Law says:

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    If you have Questions or Comments, please post them on the Questions & Comments page.

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