State Auction Laws & Auctioneer Licensing

U.S. State Auction Laws & Auctioneer Licensing Requirements

This is a list of Auction Laws and Auctioneer Licensing for the States in the U.S.A. (as of Dec 1, 2011).

While some states may not specifically require an auctioneer license, there may be other requirements for operating an auction business in the State or various local jurisdictions. Of course, in most states, there are other business requirements in addition to specific licensing requirements for an auctioneer.

Clicking on the State will open a new window to the various government boards and licensing requirements.

The following designates general auctioneer licensing requirements:

# Approved Auctioneer Course Required for licensing.

@ Approved Auctioneer Course and/or Apprenticeship Requirements for licensing.

+ Continuing Education Course Required for license renewal.

Also see Notes indicated by clicking on the Numbers in Brackets [ ] for additional information.

Alabama (@) (+)

Alaska – No State License
Alaska Business Licensing may be required

Arizona – No State License
Licensing requirements may exist for some cities
Other auction licensing may be required for certain goods

Arkansas (+)

California – No State License
$20,000 bond must be filed with the Secretary of State.
Some local governments may have licensing requirements.

Colorado – No State License [1]

Connecticut – No State License
City license may be required. Equine, vehicles & real estate auctions subject to additional laws and licensing.

DelawareAuctioneer License Fee” only

District of Columbia

Florida (@)

Georgia (#) (+)
Online Auctions (including “Penny Auctions”) are also required to be licensed

Hawaii – No State License [3]

Idaho – No State License [1]

Auction License Act – scheduled to be repealed January 1, 2020
Art Auction House Act
Livestock Auction Market Law
Internet Auction Registration Required

Indiana (#) (+)

Iowa – No State License [2]

Kansas – No State License
City/County auction licensing required for New Goods
Other licensing may be required for livestock & vehicles

Kentucky Apprenticeship Required (+)

Louisiana (@)


Maryland – No State License [3]

Massachusetts (#)


Minnesota – State License issued by Counties
Auctioneer Laws annotated by Anoka County
Also See MN State Auctioneer Licensing Law

Mississippi (#)

Missouri – County Licensing requirements

Montana – No State License [3]

Nebraska – No State License [1]

Nevada – No State License
Business license and/or other licensing, such as real estate & Livestock Auction Licensing, may be required

New Hampshire (@)

New Jersey – No State License [1]

New Mexico – No State License [1]

New York – No State License [2]

North Carolina (@) (+)

North Dakota (#)

Ohio (@)

Oklahoma – No State License [2]

Oregon – No State License [1]

Pennsylvania (@)
Special license required for Online “Trading Assistant”

Rhode Island (@)

South Carolina (@) (+)

South DakotaReal Estate Auctioneers ONLY

Tennessee (@) (+)

Texas (#) (+)

Utah – No State License [1]

Vermont (@)

Virginia (#) (+)


West Virginia

Wisconsin (+)

Wyoming – No State License [1]




# Approved Auctioneer Course Required for licensing.


@ Approved Auctioneer Course and/or Apprenticeship Requirements for licensing.


+ Continuing Education Course Required for license renewal.


[1] No State License requirements found as of 2012


[2] Licensing requirements may exist for some cities


[3] Licensing requirements may exist for some cities and/or counties


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30 Responses to State Auction Laws & Auctioneer Licensing

  1. Mitch says:

    Hello, I am an Auctioneer from Phx, AZ. I work with ICA (InternationalClassic Car Auctions). I am curious to know if i am required to hold a license in Alabama or Minnesota to sell classic & specialty cars. If so, is it something i can do online or do I have to actually go to that state or county to obtain a license. Someone please let me know what I am required to do. Thank You!

    • Auction Law says:

      You should be able to find the information in the above links. Since Alabama is a “license state”, I would think that the answer would be a definite “yes”. As far as Minnesota, you will also need a license, but it is issued at the county level. Check the links for the licensing requirements and possible reciprocity agreements.

  2. Red says:

    In NY you have to have a real estate brokers lic. to auction off real estate

  3. NY AUCTIONEER says:

    In NYS minimally you’ll need a real estate agents license to sell real estate at auction. If not a “Primary “Broker” of your own company you will not be able to sell the property in your own company’s name. As an agent you will be able to sell it in the name of the real estate company you work for. Sorry auctioneers, you’ll not be able to say your selling REAL ESTATE in your ad unless your the primary broker! It’s got to be a separate ad by whom ever is holding your license. We wouldn’t want to mislead the public..right?

    • Auction Law says:

      I don’t see where anyone has attempted to mislead anyone.

      This is not a “Real Estate Auction” website. While information and queries concerning most any concept of Live auctions, the primary focus of this site is to help educate the public in general about auctions.


  4. gorgecowl says:

    I found this site using Google. And i want to thank you for your work. You have done really very good site. Great work, great site! Thank you!

    Sorry for offtopic

  5. Auction Law says:

    Comments on this page have been Closed. A new page has been setup for Questions & Comments.

    If you have Questions or Comments, please post them on the Questions & Comments page.

    You will also find the link to the Questions & Comments page in the right-hand column.


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  8. online Auctioneer Certificates - Auction Career says:

    Caution from Auction Law Admin: The link to this post has been removed. Should you search for them or come across the website, please note that this website plagiarizes content and does not provide appropriate credit to the source. I have contacted them through their contact form, but have received no response.

    In addition, much of the information provided on their website is erroneous.

    Auction Law

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